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Team: Misunderstood and Overused

However, there is a huge difference between being a team and being a group of individuals who interact. Groups of individuals assemble to complete a task, to address an issue, to plan an event, to share information, to communicate, or any number of reasons. This does not make them a team.



Perhaps we may need to look at trust differently. Perhaps we should look at trust to mean we can count on people to behave with the best intentions for the team. We may not know how the person will behave in any situation before it happens, but we can have trust that the individual will behave with the best intentions for the situation.


TRUST: the Foundation of Teamwork

I do see trust as critical to interpersonal relationships within an organization and therefore, having a significant impact on the results or outcomes of that organization. I might even go so far as to predict that by measuring the level of trust among an organization’s members, we could determine the effectiveness of the organization.