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Change and Worldview

When we are faced with a change that causes us to re-examine our beliefs about ourselves or our world, perhaps that change is more difficult because it requires us to redefine ourselves and the world. It causes us to change our worldview.


Change Management

When I am faced with a change, whether it is one I have chosen or one that has been “forced” on me, I find my immediate response is to think about all that I have to give up. I am pretty content to maintain the way I have been functioning. I have to consciously think about what I’m doing. I have to work at making the new behavior a part of my day. At the same time I am grieving the loss of my old behavior. It is like losing a part of me.

Change to What?

If I want to change this habit, it becomes a very easy thing to do. WRONG! It is not that easy because I now have to retrain my brain to form the new habit by changing my behavior. The good news is this unhealthy, unproductive habit can be changed.


When Saying Nothing Says Too Much

Things begin to fall through the cracks, causing hurt feelings or uncertainty about what to do. People start doing things their own way without saying much to the other group. The other group begins to question what that individual is doing and if that person is representing the whole group or not. Criticism happens and people start questioning each other’s motives. Suddenly the trust between the groups, which was really trust of the central individual, starts slipping and anger and frustration appear to replace the cooperative working relationship that once existed. Now conflict is center stage and people are really convinced the world has gone bad very quickly.