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Job Distress and Mutual Learning

In the course of having this conversation, the supervisor and employee could utilize the strategies to avoid any ambiguity about what is expected or decided. If the employee is uncertain about what the supervisor is requesting, the employee is likely to make assumptions and infer the desired outcome. If these assumptions and inferences are not tested for accuracy, the end result may be that the employee fails to meet the supervisor’s expectations, thus adding to the confusion about the employee’s role.

Relationships; Just How Important Are They?

So how do leaders demonstrate that they are caring? The authors identify three essentials that contribute to these relationships; 1. The leaders set clear standards, 2. The leaders expect the best, and 3. The leaders set the example. Obviously, the leaders have a clear understanding of what they want the relationship to be and to be able to articulate that with standards like goals and values.

Does Being in a Leadership Position = Leadership?

The most prominent aspect discussed was the issue that individuals in leadership positions do understand that they need to be able to show the way or provide a vision for the organization or the company. What they don’t understand, or at least fail to demonstrate, is that they need to be able to communicate that vision is such a way that the followers see it or “get it”.