Wind storms leave behind damaged buildings, tree debris, and damaged power lines. Before assessing damage or moving any debris, confirm that there are no power line safety issues in the area. Just because your home or buildings have no power, don’t assume that other power lines in the area are not energized. Always have the power supplier secure the site around damaged power lines before entering the area.
If you use emergency generation for your site, make sure that a main disconnect switch device disconnects your system from the power supply lines before it energizes your local site. For small portable generators, unplug the individual devices you want to power from your home or farm electrical system and power them directly from your generator.
Remember to use portable generators only outdoors in well ventilated areas, and monitor them closely. Power only the essential appliances in your home until your utility power is restored.
When in doubt, consult your power supplier or an electrician about dealing with temporary outages.

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