The Magical Miss Sadie

If you have a K-3rd grade student who attends Van Allen Elementary in Mt. Pleasant you may have heard them mention Miss Sadie, the magical woman who comes to school and convinces them to try all kinds of fruits and veggies that they normally wouldn't touch. Some of you may be wondering who this Miss Sadie is so we thought we would take a moment to tell you a little more about her and her magical powers.
Sadie Martin is the Youth Program Assistant at Henry County Extension. She is originally from New London but now resides in Mt. Pleasant with her husband Marcus and their two daughters. Sadie has been a part of Henry County Extension and our 4-H program for many years. This fall we hired Sadie to assist our 4-H Coordinator with several youth programs, but her most important role was introducing and coordinating the Pick a Better Snack Program at Van Allen.
Pick a better snack brings fruits and vegetables into the classroom for kindergarten through third grade students. Sadie visits Van Allen twice a month to teach short interactive lessons. As part of the program, kids get to see, touch, smell and taste a variety of fruits and vegetables. They also hear what makes them so good, where they grow and ways to eat them. Sadie's fun, upbeat personality is contagious and the kids (usually) love trying all the unique items she brings in such as, mangos, jicama, pomegranates, broccoli and sweet potatoes just to name a few. 
Now that the Magical Miss Sadie mystery is solved ask your Val Allen student what Fuel Your Fun veggie they are learning about this month!

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