Record Keeping

A good document to get you started with record keeping is Record Keeping Overview

Here is a suggested guide to follow when assembling your 4-H record keeping materials:

  1. Yearly Member Summary (4H 5011): This form summarizes your activities in 4-H during the past year. You should complete a new summary each year.
  2. Yearly Self-evaluation – 4-H Record Keeping (4H 5012): This form allows you to evaluate your record keep materials for the year. You should complete a new evaluation each year.
  3. Goal Setting – Writing Project Area Goals (4H 5511): A goal is deciding what you want to achieve and learn in a 4-H project. A goal is having a road map. It helps you decide how to get to where you want to go.
  4. 4-H Goal Calendar (4H 5001): Keep yourself on track working towards your goals throughout the year.
  5. Youth and 4-H Project Area Records: One project record should be completed for each project in which you are enrolled (whether you took an exhibit in this project to fair or not). Beginning 4-H’ers should use the basic form. All other 4-H’ers can choose which form they would like to use.
    1. Basic 4-H Project Area Record (4H 0096A)
    2. Experienced 4-H Project Area Record (4H 0096B)
    3. Advanced 4-H Project Area Record (4H 0096C)
  6. Livestock/Animals Project Worksheets (available online): Many of the project areas also have a species specific worksheet that you can complete and include with the above forms. These include:
    1. Record Keeping Worksheet Market Junior – (4H 0228 JR)
    2. Record Keeping Worksheet Market Experienced - (4H 0228 WS)
    3. Record Keeping Breeding Worksheet Junior – (4H 229 JR)
    4. Record Keeping Breeding Worksheet Experienced – (4H 229 WS)
    5. Record Keeping Worksheet Bottle/Bucket Calf (4H 390)
    6. Record Keeping Lifetime Record Dairy – (4H 393 WS)
    7. Record Keeping Lifetime Record Goat (4H 393A WS)
    8. Record Keeping Lifetime Record Beef – (4H 229B WS)
    9. Record Keeping Lifetime Record Sheep – (4H 229D WS)
    10. Record Keeping Worksheet Dairy (4H 392 WS)
    11. Record Keeping Worksheet Horse/Pony – (4H 512 WS)
    12. Record Keeping Lifetime Record Dog – (4H 402 WS)
    13. Laying Flock Project Worksheet – (4H 653 WS)
    14. Record Keeping Worksheet Poultry (4H 371)
    15. Record Keeping Lifetime Record Swine – (4H 229F WS)
    16. Record Keeping Worksheet Rabbit (4H 372)
  7. Non-livestock forms
    1. Record Keeping Worksheet Photography (4H 643 WS)
    2. Vegetable Garden Project Worksheet (4H 462 WS)
    3. Record Keeping Worksheet Crop Scouting (4H 382A)
    4. Record Keeping Worksheet Crop and Weather (4H 382B)
    5. Record Keeping Worksheet Crop Air and Soil Temperature (4H 382C)
    6. Record Keeping Worksheet Corn and Soybean (4H 382D)
    7. Crop Production Project Worksheet (4H 382 WS)
  8. Pictures & Newspaper Clippings: Clippings should relate to your club or project. Activities you attended may be included such as: workshops, camps, club parties, annual meeting, officer training, county fair and state events. Pictures may also be included of your club work and projects. Items relating to specific project areas should be included with that project’s records. The more general items could be grouped together.
  9. Previous Years’ Records: These materials are moved to the back of the book. This year’s records are placed on top of last year’s.

The important thing to remember as you work on your record book is that the record book provides a record of your growth through 4-H. It should be put together in a neat and organized way that helps tell your personal story about 4-H.

Download RecordKeeping Materials Summary