Outdoor Cooking at Camp

One of the best experiences that we provide for campers and our camp leadership team is experiences in outdoor cooking. Using Dutch Ovens, Box Ovens, Foil Packet Cooking and other campfire recipes, we provide youth with the simple experiences of cooking in the great outdoors.

                For many of our youth, simple meal preparations and making a portion of their own meal cooking outdoors is a rich experience that gives the feeling of being out on the trail and cooking  the old fashioned simple way.  There is also a very social connection as youth sit around the fire or coals and talk while waiting for their food to cook.

                With simple safety lessons on food prep safety and working around the fire or coals, youth have a great time working together to prepare and cook for their cabin group.

You may have to borrow equipment from a Boy Scout troop or from local families that have Dutch Ovens to have enough for cooking meals. 

There are really four types of cooking around the campfire or with coals:

1.       Dutch Oven Cooking, cooking with coals and using lots of baking or roasting recipes

2.       Campfire cooking using cookware and a stand to cook in skillets or pots,

3.       Box Ovens using a foil covered paper box, four pop cans partially filled with water with a foil cooking pan sitting on top of the cans and coals set on foil under the cans with the box covering this setup to bake like in an oven

4.       and Campfire cooking using Foil packets like the Travelers Meal (called the Hobo Meal..but I wasn’t sure it that was an okay term to use these days)


Dutch Oven Helps 

North Dakota 4-H Dutch Oven Cooking Handbook 

Utah 4-H Dutch Oven Cooking Handbook

Just Google Dutch Oven Cooking and you will find thousands of recipes and tips for keeping your Dutch Ovens in seasoned shape. Anything you can cook in a regular oven, you can cook in a dutch oven...but it tastes so much better outdoors.


Some additonal Dutch Overn Links contributed by members of the http://californiahikingpage.com:

The International Dutch Oven Society

Utah State University, Summit County Extension, "Dutch Oven Cooking"

Great Dutch Oven Recipes for Camping, by the     by the http://dutchovendude.com 

Dutch Oven Recipes from the "Food Network" 

Old West Cookin,' Dutch Oven Recipes for Campfire Cooking from Legends of America

Dutch Oven Cooking for Kids, BoyScoutTrail Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert

University of Idaho Extension Dutch Oven Cooking and Recipes

FUn with Dutch Ovens by Gary Yerkes

University of Wyoming Extension, Baking and Food Storage-Dutch Oven Basics


Campfire Cooking

North Dakota 4-H Campfire Cooking Handbook

Cooking on the Campfire, Foil Packet Cooking and Box Oven Cooking


Ordering of Oregon 4-H “S'mores and More: 4-H Outdoor Cooking and Living Basic Skills Guide”



Some Outdoor Cooking Recipes and Instructions
Foil Baked Apple Snack

Foil Banana Boat Snack

Foil Camp Popcorn

Foil Cupcake in an Orange

Cooking with Aluminum Foil

Foil Cooking Handout from S'mores and More: 4-H Outdoor Cooking and Living Basic Skills Guide

Foil Pizza in a Metal Pie Plate

Baking Dessert in a BoxBox Oven Setup Pics

Dutch Oven Easy Cheesy Potatoes

Pork Loin in a Barrel

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