Hawkeye Ramblers

Club Leaders:

  • Barbie Schafer - Organizational Leader (712-647-3110-home)(402-670-1773-cell)
  • Barbie Schafer - Woodbine Clover Kids Leader
  • Dee Colwell - Woodbine Clover Kids Leader

Next Meeting:

  • NOTE:  Meetings are held the first Sunday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in the Methodist Church basement unless otherwise notified.  Check the "Cub News" and club facebook page for reminders.  Reminders will also be sent via text.  Please plan snacks and activities for 40 members.
  • NOTE:  If you are down for a presentation we expect you to get together with your partner before the meeting.  You can decide the topic you present on.
  • SNACKS:  if your family is down to provide snacks, we ask that you bring a bottle/jug of pop/juice and a snack.  There are four families assigned each month.  If it's your turn for snacks, you are also asked to stay after the meeting to help with clean-up.

Woodbine Clover Kids: 

  • The Woodbine Clover Kids generally meet on the same day and at the same place as the Hawkeye Ramblers 4-H Club, beginning at 4:30 p.m.  - contact Barbie Schafer at 712-647-3110 for more details.


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