Shared National Camping Resources, 2012

2012 National 4-H Camping Institute
Camp Resources Shared

Iowas Delegation that shares the following resources collected from workshops and activities include: Earl Mcalexander,; Karen Pattison,; Janet Martin,; and David Seilstad,

West Virginia's Learning By Camping: Classes for All CD

Choosing unique, quality educational and fun classes is often hard for camp planning committees.  This CD “Learning by Camping: Classes for All”  is the result of a research project to discover what are the West Virginia 4-H Camp’s best practices for utilizing camp classes as an educational delivery system.

Science, Technology and Camping

Nature Programming and Camping

Games, Activities, Dances, Songs and Campfire

Camp Management, Philosophy and Counselor Training

Day Camping the Clover Bud Way

Camp Crafts:


























  • NCI Leisure Educational Opportunities (LEOs)



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