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Southwest Iowa Regions 12, 17 & 18 & Monona County Jr. 5th & 6th Grade Camp Leadership Team Training Resources

These resources are for Southwest Iowa Regions 12, 17 & 18 & Monona County 4-H Jr. 5th & 6th Grade leadership team training and camp planning. Feel free to adapt and use for your own 4-H camping programming. They were developed with a  strong youth/adult partnership relationship and positive youth development mentoring focus.

Great Camp Songs
      Great Camp Songs 2   Words for Camp Songs  The State Song of Iowa
Words for New Camp Songs 2012
   The Top 10 Camp Songs to Learn and Share with Video links
Camp Belonging Activities     and More Recreation Ideas
Campfire Legends       The Bear and the Chipmunk       The Buffalo and the Field Mouse  The Milk Bottles


West Virginia National 4-H Camping Institute Camping Resources

2013 Junior Camp Movie
       Over 800 photos o


f Camp


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