Crop Acreage Reporting


Young green corn plants growing on the field at sunset.


Corn Planted: June 3, 2024


Green soybean plants growing in field under sunlight.


Soybeans Planted: June 3, 2024

Leading the nation in corn production and second in soybeans, Iowa has a rich tradition in agriculture. Similarly, row crop production is an important economic driver in Harrison County with approximately 85% of the county classified as farmland and a market value of Ag products sold over $216 million per year (Census of Agriculture USDA).

Harrison County Extension and Outreach strives to provide weekly updates of both planting and harvesting completion percentages provided by local producers every Tuesday during the Spring and Fall months. This is a voluntary program that takes corn and soybean progress reports from farms of all sizes and locations within the county and provides an average percentage of completion. Sites vary from the Boyer to Missouri River bottoms and the Loess Hills in between. 

If you are a farmer (landowner or tenant) interested in providing data to this survey, please reach out to the Harrison County Extension office at 712-644-2105.

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