Free Income Tax Preparation Offered

For Appointments in Webster City call 515-297-3717.

  • Do-it-yourself option: You can do your own tax return (free online at a link we provide!) AND we will answer tax questions to help you.  How? Just send an email to to receive instructions.
  • BONUS: you can use our free self-preparation service even if you would normally not be able to come to us due to our rules about who we can serve.
    For example: our rules say we can’t do rental income, but if you’re doing your own return, you can do it on the software we connect you with!
  • If not using the DIY option, for most people we will do the two-step process where you will have two short (15-minute) meetings in person, once for “intake” and once to review and sign your return.
    Note: a few one-hour appointments will be available in case it is a hardship to come twice.

For income guidelines, a tax appointment checklist and more information see our information sheets.

If you have questions please contact Barb Wollan at or at 515-832-9597.