4-H Scholarship Opportunities

County Scholarships

Hamilton County 4-H Foundation Scholarship Open to Hamilton County 4-H members graduating from high school in Spring 2024.  Application and photo are DUE ON OR BEFORE JUNE 1, 2024.

Hamilton County Cattlemen's Scholarship - for high school seniors and current college students who attended school in Hamilton County.  Applicant needs to be majoring in an agricultural field.  Three scholarships of $500 will be awarded to three students having attended a school in Hamilton County.  Application and other documentation June 1, 2024.

Hamilton County Pork Producers Scholarship - for post-secondary student or incoming freshman at any two or four year institution in Iowa.  Parents much be current members of Hamilton County Pork Producers.  Amount is $500.  Full requirements are listed on application.  Application, letters and transcript are DUE June 1, 2024.  

NEW Cooperative Scholarship-The NEW Cooperative Foundation will offer approximately five scholarships of $2,000 each.  Applicant must be a NEW Cooperative member or a dependent of a member or full-time employee.  Full details are on NEW Cooperative's website.

Iowa Farm Bureau Scholarships - Iowa Farm Bureau awards $1,000 scholarships annually to a total of 54 students.  There are six recipients for each of the nine Iowa Farm Bureau Federation districts.  Full details are on the Iowa Farm Bureau website.


State Scholarships

Iowa 4-H Scholarship List and Eligibility

State 4-H Recognition Opportunities

ISU Hixson Award Information 

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