State Fair 4-H Livestock Entry

2018 State Fair 4-H Livestock Entry
FairEntry Help Sheet
ENTRY DEADLINE: July 1 @ 11:59 PM!!

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  • 4-H Livestock entries will NOT go through your County Extension Office this year
  • All 4-H Livestock exhibitors will make entry online through the Fair Entry system
  • ALLpayments, whether by Check or Credit Card will go directly to the State Fair Office
  • You need to send a copy of your invoice along with your personal check if you use that payment method – MAKE SURE THE TOTAL AMOUNT ON THE INVOICE MATCHES YOUR CHECK PAYMENT!!
  • Credit Card payments will be processed automatically online by 4-H/State Fair Staff


  • Internet Explorer is not the preferred browser. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are the best browsers to use when signing into FairEntry.
  • Chrome:
  • Firefox:
  • Be sure all the animals you are entering have been properly identified in 4HOnline for State Fair exhibition
  • For example (Breeding beef tattoo (all heifers), Reg. # for purebreds; Retinal images for market beef, all sheep, and all meat goats; DNA punch tag # for all swine)
  • Substitution of animals will be allowed during fair check-in as long as the animal has been properly identified in 4HOnline

If you have any questions during the process, please contact:
Shayla Holland, State 4-H Office, FairEntry Assistant
Phone: 515-294-3187

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