How to Prepare for Communications Day!

What is Communications Day?
Communication Day is a great opportunity for those interested in public speaking. There are four different categories that cover everyone’s interests and talents.
Educational Presentations:  You have the opportunity to give a presentation about something that interests you.  You can give a presentation on just about anything!
Working Exhibits:  These are audience interactive and demonstrate or teach directly to a small group.  The audience participates in a “hands-on” activity and takes home the item they made with you.
Extemporaneous Speaking:  This contest gives you the opportunity to choose a topic and prepare a speech in thirty minutes to give to a judge.  If you’re good at last minute preparation, this contest may be for you!
Poster:  Communicate in a visual rather than an oral form. Choose from one of this year’s themes and get creative
For more information on one of the specific classes, view the Fairbook.
How to enter in Communication Day 2018!!
Like any other 4-H Exhibit you must enter your project into Fair Entry.  Please note that you will want to know what time you want to be judged.
When do I need to be entered by??
You must be entered on FairEntry by July 10th! There are step-by-step instructions on how to enter your exhibits in Fair Entry here.
Communication Day
Judging will take place at the New Homestead on Wednesday, July 18th from 1-5 p.m. You will want to arrive approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled judging time in the lobby of The New Homestead. Please check in with Extension Staff and we will show you what room you will be judged in. Once you have completed your judging you are free to leave.

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