4-H King and Queen

2017 4-H Royalty

Dear 4-H Members,
It’s time to crown a new 4-H King and Queen!!!!  We would like senior members that would like to be considered for the 4-H King or Queen Position to fill out a short application.  This will be based on 4-H participation, community service and leadership.  We will have 3 random judges that have been involved in 4-H over the years review the applications.  Being the Guthrie County 4-H King or Queen is a great opportunity for a leadership experience and to see more of the Guthrie County Fair!
Since all of our 4-H members are busy during the fair we will also be crowning a prince and princess from the junior and intermediate levels. Applications will need to filled out by those that are interested and will also be judged like the King and Queen candidates.  These members will be available to fill in when the King or Queen is unable to help.  We would also like to involve our Clover Kids group by drawing out a winner for Clover King and Queen during their pet show on Thursday night!
If you are voted as a member of the court you will be expected to serve the Guthrie County 4-H program in the following ways:

  1.  Be a good representative of 4-H and Guthrie County
  2. Hand out ribbons during some of the livestock shows at the fair
  3. Represent Guthrie County 4-H in the fair parade and other possible parades within county
  4. Help recruit new members this fall by talking to 4th and 5th graders within your school about the 4-H program during National 4-H week. (This is the first week of October)
  5. Help with 4-H Awards Day in November
  6. Hand out ribbons at the 4-H Fashion Show this summer if possible

All candidates, members and families are invited to attend a potluck on June 3rd, 2018 for the crowning of the court.  More details will be sent out at a later time.
The applications are enclosed with this letter. King and Queen App - Prince and Princess App Applications must be one page, typed and sign by your leader.
Good luck to each of you!!
Allie Brooks, Gina Arnold
4-H Court Sponsors

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