Development of a Pilot Plant Scale Wet-milling Procedure and Comparison with Laboratory Scale Wet-milling Procedures. Proceedings of the Corn Utilization Conference V

Proceedings of the Corn Utilization Conference V.
National Corn Growers’ Association. St. Louis, MO.
Singh, S.K., L.A. Johnson, and S.R. Fox. 1996

A pilot-plant-scale wet-milling procedure was developed to wet mill 0.5 to 3 bu of corn. Reproducibilities and accuracies of the pilot-plant procedure using 10 kg of corn were compared with values for two laboratory-scale (100 g and 1 kg) procedures. The 100-g procedure was a modified version of the procedure reported by Eckhoff et al (1996). The 1-kg procedure was a modified version of the procedure used by Fox et al (1992).


One waxy and three normal dent corn hybrids representing a wide range of proximate composition and physical properties were wet milled in triplicate using the three procedures. Starch yields and recoveries for the pilot-plant procedure were lower (63.5±1.4% and 87.7±2.0%, respectively for Pioneer 3317) and the 100-g procedure (68.1±0.5% and 94.0±0.7%, respectively for Pioneer 3317). The rankings of the four hybrids were the same for all three procedures. Starch recovery of our pilot-plant procedure was similar to the pilot-plant procedure developed by Rubens (1990), except we used a starch table for starch/gluten separation instead of hydroclones. The pooled Lsd (p < 0.05) for starch yields was 2.00% for the pilot-plant procedure, compared to 1.20% for the 1-kg procedure and 0.80% for the 100-g procedure. Lower starch recoveries in the pilot-plant procedure were attributed to difficulties in washing large amounts of fiber and germ. The protein contents of the starches obtained by all three procedures were less than 0.5%.


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