Spring & Summer

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Watch the Initiative's latest major contributions to webinars given at the GEAPS Summer 2020 Learning Series:

Ongoing Impacts from the 2019 Harvest and Early 2020 Crop Forecast 

Where Grain Quality and Safety Meet – Panel Discussion

Recorded Webinar: Stored Grain Handling and Management: Addressing Issues this Spring/Summer 2020

Discussion about the potential quality, handling, and safety issues with grain currently in storage. 

Make Safety Your First Priority When Emptying Grain Bins

Charles Schwab & Dirk Maier - February 19, 2020

Following the wet and late harvest of 2019, several Midwest states are on the edge of a dangerous cliff when it comes to emptying their grain bins. Conditions are aligning to create the potential for tragic accidents and grain suffocation deaths to occur when grain bins start to be emptied. Learn more...