Spring 2019 Updates

Flood Adulterated Grain - Nutrient Supply to Crops When Land Applied
John Sawyer & Antonio Mallarino - April 2, 2019

Flooding has been extensive in several areas of Iowa this spring. In some cases, stored grain has been affected by flood waters. Land application of flood adulterated grain as a nutrient source for a future crop may be an option for some. Learn more...

Flooding and Stored Grain
Charles Hurburgh & Dan Loy  - March 20, 2019

The rapid snowmelt in Spring 2019 has caused instances of stored grain being covered with floodwater. By current Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) policy, grain inundated by uncontrolled river or stream water is considered adulterated and must be destroyed.  The situation in 2019 is one of river water flooding rather than of rain-driven pooled water in low ground, for which there are salvage options. Learn more...

Proper Management of Flooded Grain and Hay

Additional management guidance from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) and Iowa DNR can be found online.