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EU Commission Seeks to Increase Biotech Food Safety

January 19, 2004

Source: Reuters News Service


BRUSSELS - The European Commission sought to calm consumer concerns over genetically modified organisms last week by giving each GMO variety a unique code so it can be traced throughout the food chain.

Biotechnology Industry Says New FDA Rules Will Boost Food Safety

November 26, 2004

By Chris Clayton

Source: Omaha World-Herald


The biotechnology industry is lauding new proposed rules from the Food and Drug Administration, but critics argue they allow low-level contamination of the food supply from experimental plants.

The proposed rules, published Wednesday in the Federal Register, have set off a wave of complaints from biotech critics. The announcement coincided with release of a new poll showing consumers want tighter regulation of biotech foods.

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Webinar: Ongoing Impacts from the 2019 Harvest and Early 2020 Crop Forecast - June 3rd - 10am CDT 

Make Safety Your First Priority When Emptying Grain Bin                                                                                                                                Flood Adulterated Grain - Nutrient Supply to Crops When Land Applied
Flooding and Stored Grain
Proper Management of Flooded Grain and Hay



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2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to deal with it. 

Corona virus - covid-19

The Iowa Grain Quality Initiative's partner, the Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) at Iowa State University has put together a set of resources regarding COVID-19. Food and agriculture operations may be most interested in FDA guidance on the virus. If you have additional questions or concerns about how COVID-19 might affect your operations, please contact Kim Anderson.

Now taking applications to join the June & July 2020 Free Food/Feed Safety Collaboration
This collaboration helps companies write a food/feed safety plan in six workshops. Seating is limited, please apply promptly. Acceptance will be communicated.

Blended Human Food PCQI Course Offerings
Iowa State Extension and Outreach, May 6, 2020

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will host five one-day Blended Human Food PCQI courses during 2020. The courses are presented by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance. The course is the only PCQI class recognized by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Grain Operations: Managing stored grain long term Dirk Maier, December 5, 2018

Grain Elevator

Delayed harvest of corn and soybeans in 2018 across the midwestern U.S. are raising concerns about grain quality and how well this crop will store long term. With commercial grain facilities holding a large carryover from the big 2017 crop, some 2017 carry-over corn and much of the 2018 corn crop will end up in outdoor piles again.

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Food manufacturing is a complicated business with many challenges and a regulatory structure that has gone through many changes in recent years. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you could discuss your problems and seek guidance in the best practices of others? This one-hour webinar is intended to be a quarterly roundtable where Iowa companies can discuss food safety. Whether you’re new to food safety regulations or well positioned for the future, this group will be a place where you can discuss challenges and adopt the successful practices of others. Topics will vary for each session, and at times, guest speakers will be requested to address particular issues.