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Training Modules for Grain Storage

The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Grain Storage Team includes ag engineers and economists which have developed grain storage training tools that discuss grain quality.

Dryeration -Shawn Shouse, ISU Extension and Outreach, 2013 Online Training Module



Food Safety

Grain Handling & Storage 

Drought and Derecho Video Podcast

The Iowa Grain Quality Initiative talks the drought and derecho in Iowa on this video podcast. We give you specifics about how these events are affecting the 2020 crop and the quality impacts it will have on corn and soybeans in Iowa. Additionally, we give some advice about how to deal with the impacts of the drought and derecho.

Iowa Mycotoxin Risk

Video Podcast: 

On this video podcast Dr. Erin Bowers discusses the risk of mycotoxin contamination in Iowa grain and what to do about it. This is especially relevant because of the ongoing impacts of the drought and derecho in Iowa.


Silo or Grain Bags

Video Podcast: Silo or Grain Bags

After the loss of large amounts of grain storage in Iowa so close to harvest, the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative details a potential temporary storage solution. Silo or grain bags are a proven technology that could be deployed to deal with this temporary storage dilemma. The video podcast details the technology and how it could be deployed.

ISU Grain Quality Lab

The ISU Grain Quality Laboratory provides instrumental analysis of chemical and physical properties of grain and other agricultural products. The services are intended to support high-throughput genetic evaluations, surveys of grain quality, and other large-scale monitoring operations.