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Bioprocessing Projects



The bioprocess projects address several of the major concerns that come with grain-based biofuel; the IGQI is a multidisciplinary team that brings constructive solutions for these concerns.  

Quality Control Projects

Quality Control


The quality control projects address issues of measuring and the use of quality management practices to grain distribution and traceability.


International Outreach

International Outreach


IGQI focuses on the utilization of Iowa (and U.S.) corn, soybeans and their value-added products for the global grain & feed industry and is committed to efforts in improving global food security.

Spring and Summer Updates

Webinar: Ongoing Impacts from the 2019 Harvest and Early 2020 Crop Forecast - June 3rd - 10am CDT 

Make Safety Your First Priority When Emptying Grain Bin                                                                                                                                Flood Adulterated Grain - Nutrient Supply to Crops When Land Applied
Flooding and Stored Grain
Proper Management of Flooded Grain and Hay

Drought and Derecho Video Podcast

The Iowa Grain Quality Initiative talks the drought and derecho in Iowa on this video podcast. We give you specifics about how these events are affecting the 2020 crop and the quality impacts it will have on corn and soybeans in Iowa. Additionally, we give some advice about how to deal with the impacts of the drought and derecho.