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National Corn Growers Association, Pioneer Hi-Bred Sign Letter of Intent to Provide Ethanol Rapid Assay to Industry

June 7, 2004

Source: National Corn Growers Association

In a move toward providing the ethanol industry with a standard platform for measuring the fermentation characteristics of corn, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., today signed a letter of intent for Pioneer to donate a tool designed to quickly quantify the ethanol yield potential of corn grain in the dry-grind process.

Interlaboratory Comparison of Soybean Protein and Oil Determinations

Randy A. Hartwig and Charles R. Hurburgh, Jr.

Iowa State University coordinated an interlaboratory comparison study of Kjeldahl protein and ether oil extraction methods. Blind duplicates of 10 clean, single-variety soybean samples were sent to 30 laboratories grouped in 3 categories of 10 each in public (government and university), commercial and processor facilities. Five of the commercial laboratories were AOCS-certified.