Harvest & Storage

Video Podcast: Options for Wind Damaged Corn - Feeding Damaged Grain

 feeding damaged grain

Upcoming Webinar: Grain Storage & Corn Quality Issues

September 17th, 2020 at 7pm (Iowa Time) 

The drought and derecho have wreacked havoc with some of the Iowa corn crop. Learn more about storage and quality issues that we are facing. Register now.


Video Podcast: Silo or Grain Bags 

Silo or grain bag banner

After the loss of large amounts of grain storage in Iowa so close to harvest, the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative details a potential temporary storage solution.

Webinar: Practical Strategies for Managing Mycotoxins at Harvest



Video Podcast: 2019 Stored Corn

On this short video podcast, Dr. Charles Hurburgh and Kyle Poorman discuss what to do with stored 2019 corn. 

Cooling Grain Impacts on Grain Quality and Shelf-Life
Charles Hurburgh - October 29, 2019

Recent reports have Iowa corn at about 40% harvested and Iowa soybeans about 66% harvested...