Harvest 2014

2014 - It seems like a broken record...weather changes have shifted expectations of new crop corn quality. Three weeks ago, somewhat wetter corn than normal but high quality was the forecast. It is clear that the wetter part will come true; early harvest moistures are generally coming in at 18 – 22 percent, which is above average but not high enough to cause severe complications in drying. Field dry down is probably nearly over so do not expect much change in moisture from here on. Overall quality has been put at risk however, in some areas. The mid-September frost in far northern Iowa caused more reduction in grain fill than was previously thought. This is showing up as lower test weight. However, the southern half of Iowa has had extreme rains in late September into October. This will raise the chances of field molds, primarily Gibberellic, but Fusarium may also be present. Both of these fungi produce toxins.

Recent issues with biotech events not approved in some world markets have renewed the need for maintaining required management (stewardship) of biotech grains. As a producer, the most important step in a controlled-market stewardship chain is the initial delivery from the farm to the correct first point of sale. Taking this step protects the continued availability of upgraded traits at a pace faster than otherwise might be allowed.