Emily Branstad

Emily Branstad at a conferenceEmily Branstad, a first year Ph.D. student in Industrial and Agricultural Technology, is originally from Forest City, Iowa. She completed her undergraduate and Master's degree at Iowa State University in Animal Science, with emphasis in International Agriculture and animal nutrition. 

Emily is currently working on refining her project with mycotoxin contamination in grain, which directly correlates to her Master's thesis of utilizing binders to prevent aflatoxin contamination in dairy cattle. Contamination of grain is an enhanced problem due to extreme weather changes and other factors, and she hopes to find ways to effectively mitigate mycotoxins. 

Emily is proud of her research and knowledge of both the grain and livestock industry. Mycotoxins can be potentially dangerous chemical compounds that can affect both people and animals; mitigation techniques can keep both the feed and food supply chain safe, thus enhancing food security.

After graduation, Emily Branstad looks forward to a career in the livestock industry or as an extension specialist for a university. Her favorite thing about being a Cyclone is that it is a family tradition, and all three degrees will be earned from ISU!"