Record Keeping

All About Record Books!

4-H Record book

If you would like assistance with your record book, call (712) 374-2351 to make an appointment! 

There are several parts that make up a complete record book.

  1. COVER:  These can be purchased at the Extension Office for $3.
  2. COVER PAGE:  This should include your name, club, grade completed, number of years in 4-H, and a photo of yourself. MS Word
  3. TABLE OF CONTENTS:  While not required, this is very helpful!  You can simply list the order that your record book is in.
  4. YEARLY 4-H SUMMARY:  Tell us about your 4-H year. MS Word | PDF
  5. PERSONAL GOAL RECORD:  4-H is all about setting goals.  This form is intended to help you set, and achieve, goals. MS Word | PDF
  6. PROJECT WRITE-UPS:  In Fremont County, we use a STEM Write-Up Form.  One should be completed for each project you completed, even if you didn't enter it in the fair.  Please note that while these forms are not required for livestock at the fair, they ARE required in your record book.   STEM Write-Up Form PDF | MS Word | Google Doc
  7. PROJECT WORKSHEETS:  Scroll down to find the worksheets required for your project area.  Please note that for livestock entries, you are required to complete a write-up form AND a project worksheet.
  8. 4-H STORY:  Your 4-H story can be as long or as short as you'd like it, from a few paragraphs to a few pages!  It's purpose is to tell a short story about what you did as a 4-H member, what you liked, what you learned, what you would change, and how 4-H is making the best (YOU) better!
  9. SUPPORTING MATERIALS:  While not required, it is fun to look back on newspaper clipping and photos associated with your 4-H career.  Supporting materials should be secured to sheets of paper.  Record books should NOT contain ribbons, judge's comments, etc.
  10. SELF EVALUATION:  This is not required, but it is a useful exercise to honestly evaluate how you did when it came to record-keeping. 
  11. PREVIOUS YEARS' RECORDS:  The record book is intended to build on itself, just like the skills you are gaining through 4-H!  Add this year's records on top of last year's and watch your 4-H story grow!
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