Growing Strong Families Completes Recredentialing Process

October 16, 2017
The Iowa Department of Management and Public Health is pleased to announce that the Growing Strong Families program of Page, Wayne, Taylor, and Fremont Counties have earned the Iowa Family Support Credential.  The Iowa Family Support Credential is awarded to family support and parent education programs that are validated through an external evaluation to be in substantial adherence to the Iowa Family Support Standards.
The Iowa Family Support Standards are based on the most up to date, evidence based practice in the family support field.  Adherence to the standards indicates that the program is providing high quality services that will result in positive outcomes for young children and their families.  The Growing Strong Families program diligently worked toward meeting all of the 138 standards over the course of more than two years with the assistance of a program specialist.  A peer review was conducted by trained peers from central Iowa to validate the program’s adherence to the standards.  The Iowa Family Support Credential is valid for five years. 
For additional information concerning the Growing Strong Families Program, Iowa State Extension  contact:
Kim Brantner  
Growing Strong Families
Taylor County Iowa State Extension
609 Pollock Blvd
Bedford, IA 50833
Kimberly Wellauer-Calvalier 
Growing Strong Families
Page County Iowa State Extension
311 E. Washington St.
Clarinda, IA 51632
Joy Rouse       
Growing Strong Families
Wayne County Iowa State Extension
220 E Jefferson St
Corydon, IA 50060
Mandy Maher 
Growing Strong Families
Fremont County Iowa State Extension
610 Clay Street
Sidney, IA 51652
For additional information concerning the Iowa Family Support Credential contact:
Janet Horras, State Home Visitation Program Director
Iowa Department of PublicHealth

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