Beginning Beekeeping

Have you wondered about the health benefits of honey and wanted to start producing your own? 
Raising bees now and wondered how to keep your bees healthy and protect them from disease? 
ISU Extension and Outreach, Hamilton, Webster, Humboldt and Pocahontas Counties are hosting a Beginning Beekeeping class in to answer those questions and more.  Roy Kraft, the President of the Iowa Honeybee Producers Association will be leading the training.  Join us starting January 9, 2021 for beginners.  Sessions will cover how to start their hive, or current information to help maintain a healthy hive.  The cost is $40 for the five training sessions.
Honeybee hives can be a rewarding way to start a small business or simply learn to produce your own healthy honey.  Provide a backyard source of a healthier alternative to using sugar.  Roy Kraft will cover building a hive, how to feed bees, honey harvesting, wintering bees in Iowa, beehive terminology, basic equipment needed and a few more topics. 
This class is for families and people of all ages interested in learning more about bees or gain tips on keeping their hive healthy.  Each class will be held virtually starting January 9, 16, 23, 30, February 5 from 9-12 pm.  Participants will receive a book about raising honeybees and other class materials with the registration fee. 
Online registration is available at:  or call ISU Extension and Outreach, Hamilton County at 515-832-9597 or email Susan Schmitz

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