Phytopoetry Official Trailer June 6, 2022
'Phytopoet' to Narrate New Videos on Integrated Pest Management

Phytopoetry, meaning plant poetry, is written on the subject of plant diseases, insects, weeds and other pests. The Phytopoetry Project not only showcases poetry about plant pests, but points people to relevant extension resources, many of which promote the use of Integrated Pest Management.

Vegetables in a bowl March 6, 2022
'Words on Wellness' Helps to Keep Iowans Healthy

Human Sciences Extension and Outreach newsletter encourages positive lifestyle changes in nutrition and wellness.

Person with head resting on fist, appearing to be stressed and upset. January 22, 2022
Helping Farmers Deal with Stress

Farm life with its country setting often is idealized, but as the complications and pace of agriculture have increased, so have the physical and mental demands on farmers.

Register today for the remote online initiative. July 7, 2021
Gain Skills for Remote Work

Having the skills to be successful in remote work can open employment possibilities for Iowans no matter where they live. Iowans can gain these skills through the Remote Work Certificate. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offers the virtual course in partnership with Utah State University Extension.

Red sprayer spraying a green field. April 15, 2020
New Online System for Pesticide Licenses and Certification

The Pesticide Safety Education Program provides Continuing Instruction Course programs that allow pesticide applicators the opportunity to maintain their certification through training. If current on training, applicators renew their certifications with IDALS every three years.

Decorative March 19, 2020
Homebuyer Education eCourse: A Place of Your Own

Purchasing a home is probably the biggest purchase you'll ever make. It’s an exciting experience and not a simple task.