Club Resources

4-H County Council Information


Responsibilities as County Council members: 

  •  To be active in your club.
  •  To be a positive role model.
  •  To provide leadership at county events and activities.
  •  To help make 4-H fun for other members.
  •  To promote 4-H to others.
  •  To respect others.
  •  To get along with other council members and work together.
  •  To help younger 4-H’ers
  •  To be on time and do your job.

Responsibilities to your local club:

  •  To attend and participate at club meetings and events.
  •  To be a good leader and fulfill responsibilities of being an officer or a member.
  •  To represent your club’s views when necessary.
  •  To help younger members and prepare them for leadership roles.
  •  To help club leaders.
  •  To help make 4-H fun for other members.
  •  To support your club.
  •  To be positive and not negative towards younger 4-H’ers.

Expectations of 4-H County Council members: 

  •  To show responsibility.
  •  To have good attitudes.
  •  To be a positive role model.
  •  To treat others and be treated with respect.
  •  To participate in all meetings and activities.
  •  To learn new skills.
  •  To have fun!