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  F-301 Directory of Sawmills in Iowa  
  F-303 Air and Solar Drying of Hardwood Lumber  
  F-304 Growing Seedlings From Seed  
  F-305 Wood Identification  
  F-307 Grading Hardwood Lumber  
  F-315 Proper Gluing of Wood  
  F-319 Environmental Effects of Woody Vegetation  
  F-325 When to Harvest Your Trees  
  F-326 Management of Floodplain Forests  
  F-328 Kiln Drying of Lumber  
  F-335 Cost of Cutting Your Own Firewood  
  F-336 Tree Planting Tax Incentive  
  F-337 Maple Syrup Production in Iowa  
  F-338 Firewood Volume Tables for Red and White Oak  
  F-340 Forestry Contacts and Organizations in Iowa  
  F-341 Chemical Control of Unwanted Woody Vegetation  
  F-348 Christmas Tree Shearing  
  F-350 Grazing Iowa's Woodlands  
  F-351 Poisonous Plants Commonly Found in Woodlands  
  F-352 Determining Moisture Content of Wood  
  F-355 Fall Planting of Bare Root Seedlings  
  F-358 Controlling Deer Damage in Tree Plantations  
  F-359 Transplanting Trees and Shrubs  
  F-360 Natural Regeneration of Oak in Iowa  
  F-361 Firms and Individuals Providing Forestry Services in Iowa  
  F-363 Direct Seeding  
  F-364 Tree Shelters for Hardwoods  
  F-365 Proper Use of Wood in Outdoor Applications  
  F-366 How to Hire an Arborist  
  F-366a Tree Care Services in Iowa  
  F-366b Consulting Arborists Providing Service in Iowa  
  F-367 Interior Finishing of Wood  
  F-369 Information and Assistance fo Iowa Wood Businesses  
  F-370 Firewood Production and Use  
  F-371 Managing Storm Damaged Woodlands  
  F-372 Guidelines for Constructing and Maintaining Wooden Playground Equipment  
  F-373 Understanding Ash Decline  
  F-374 Become "Tree Detectives": Identifying Broadleaf Trees  
  F-375 Landscaping for Energy Conservation  
  F-376 Tips for Proper Planting of Containerized Trees  
  F-400 Ginseng -Ecology  
  F-401 Ginseng - Growing  
  F-402 Ginseng - Diseases and Pests  
  F-403 Ginseng - Regulations  
  F-404 Grafting Apple Trees  
  F-405 Ash Alternate - Small-Stature Trees  
  F-406 Ash Alternate- Shade Trees Update  



  PM329 Wood Use: Properties and Uses of Iowa Hardwoods  
  PM362 Wood Use: Finishing Exterior Wood Surfaces  
  PM363 Wood Use: Paint Problems on Exterior Wood  
  PM413AB Timber Sale Contract  
  PM605 Iowa's Forest Reserve Laws  
  PM654 Selecting and Maintaining Your Natural Christmas Tree  
  PM789 Saving Energy in Existing Houses  
  PM790 Building Energy-Efficient New Houses  
  PM882 Minimizing Moisture Problems in New Houses  
  PM909 Preventing Construction Damage to Trees  
  PM950 Wood Use: Interior Woodwork in Houses  
  PM1033 Wood Use: Selection and Use of Preservative-Treated Wood  
  PM1133 Pruning Forest Trees  
  PM1374B Growing Black Walnut in Iowa  
  PM1383 Identification of Conifer Trees in Iowa  
  PM1384 Identification of Hardwood Trees in Iowa  
  PM1429A Community Trees: Establishing a Community Tree Program  
  PM1429B Community Trees: Tree Ordinances for Iowa Communities  
  PM1429C Community Trees: Sample Tree Ordinances for Iowa Communities  
  PM1429D Community Trees: Low-growing trees for Urban and Rural Iowa  
  PM1429E Community Trees: Street Trees for Iowa  
  PM1429F Community Trees: Power Lines and Trees  
  PM1429G Community Trees: Confier Species for Iowa  
  PM1499 Christmas Tree Production in Iowa: Economics and Marketing  
  PM1500 Christmas Tree Production in Iowa: Establishment and Care  
  PM1507 Vegetative Filter Strips for Improved Surface Water Quality  
  PM1520 Agricultural Pesticide Impacts on Prairie Wetlands  
  PM1591 Community Tree Planting and Care Guide  
  PM1626B Stewards of our Streams: Buffer Strip Design, Establishment, and Maintenance  
  PM1676 Tree Planting: Planning  
  PM1677 Tree Planting: Establishment and Care  
  PM1716 Farmstead Windbreaks: Planning  
  PM1717 Farmstead Windbreaks: Establishment, Care, and Maintenance  
  PM2002A Woodland Improvement and Crop Trees in Iowa  
  PM2002B Planning for Wooded Acreages and Woodlands  
  PM2084 Emerald Ash Borer  
  PMR2088A Developing a Prescribed Fire Burn Plan: Elements & Considerations  
  PMR2088B Considerations for Prescribed Burning: Tools and Safety Gear  
  PMR2088C Considerations for Prescribed Burning: Timing a Prescribed Burn  
  PMR2088D Smoke Management for Prescribed Burning: What to Consider  
  PMR2088E Considerations for Prescribed Burning: Ignition Techniques  
  F2088F Fire in Grazing Management: Patch-Burn Grazing  
  F2088G Burning for Oak Regeneration  


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