ServSafe® and SafeFood

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach campus and regional specialists in the College of Human Sciences offer a number of training courses designed to educate food handlers in all aspects of food safety from personal hygiene, receiving and storage, preparation and service, to cleaning and sanitizing.

ISU Extension and Outreach proudly partner with the Iowa Restaurant Association, (515) 276-1454, to provide the ServSafe® program.

ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Course


For those with oversight and management responsibility in any type of foodservice operation, ServSafe® is the food safety certification course developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. It is one of several programs accredited by the American National Standards Institute - Conference on Food Protection in meeting Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) requirements. The ServSafe® program blends the latest FDA Food Code and food safety research in a program offered by specialists with years of food sanitation training experience. Participants learn current best practices related to safe food handling and cleaning and sanitizing as well as tips on how to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety. The 8-hour course includes a resource workbook and concludes with a certification exam.

As of January 1, 2014, the Iowa Food Code requires at least one employee in a food establishment who has supervisory and management responsibility and authority to direct and control food preparation and service be a CFPM. A CFPM is a person who has shown proficiency by passing a test which is part of an accredited program. The ServSafe® program is a well-known program that meets this certification requirement. ServSafe® certificates are valid for five years.


Safefood LogoFood safety is a critical issue for the restaurant and foodservice industry. A culture of food safety in any foodservice operation is only as strong as the least knowledgeable foodservice employee. SafeFood is a 1 to 4-hour food safety training program designed for all restaurant and foodservice employees which covers fundamental food safety information.

Topics discussed in the training include personal hygiene, the importance of and how to properly wash hands, time and temperature danger zone guidelines, and proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures. SafeFood will provide accurate, science-based food safety information to enable retail and foodservice employees to adopt appropriate food handling practices to ensure food is safely prepared and served to all customers. The workshop can be tailored to specific needs of the operation. Participants receive educational materials and a food temperature thermometer. Registration fee varies between $25 and $35 per person.

View a complete list of upcoming ServSafe® and SafeFood trainings or contact the Nutrition and Wellness Specialist near you for more information.