SafeFood Motivation Toolkit

Motivation Toolkit

A self-guided training program is intended for foodservice managers and supervisors who are interested in what they can do to motivate employees to follow safe food handling procedures. It is expected that managers and supervisors using the modules have prior food safety training. The toolkit includes the following two modules:

Learning Objectives

  • Use effective (oral and written) communication to motivate employees to use safe food handling behaviors
  • Identify ways to consistently communicate appropriate food safety behavior to employees
  • Describe ways in which you can serve as a role model to employees using nonverbal communication
  • Identify informal and formal disciplinary strategies and how this might be used as motivators
  • Describe different ways to recognize employees who exhibit safe food handling behaviors


Communication Recognition

Technical Requirements

You will need Adobe Reader 9 or newer to view the presentation and other resources. A free download of Adobe Reader is available on the Adobe website.