Leftovers Leftovers

Protect yourself from bad leftovers! Learn more about food waste, watch our leftovers videos, and access refrigerator/ freezer food storage guides and a food spoilage chart.

Handwashing Handwashing

Get the facts about food and illness that can be prevented by proper handwashing at the correct time. Learn more from our posters, publications, and presentations on clean hands for healthy living.

Washing food for prep Food Preparation

Tips for safe food preparation focused on occasions: picnicstailgatestake-out, holidays and specific foods: eggs, marinades, turkey, and more...

Thermometer Thermometer Use

Be food safe. You can't tell food is cooked safely by how it looks. Use a food thermometer and learn how to clean and sanitize thermometers.

"Allergy!" on Chalkboard Food Allergens

Food allergies are an immune system response. They affect two to four percent of adults and six to eight percent of children. Get more information about food allergens for consumers, parents, and foodservice.