Lesson 2b - Storing

Don't wait ... Refrigerate!Purple Fridge

Proper storage maintains quality and prevents contamination from unintentional and intentional sources.

  • Wash hands as soon as you return home.
  • Refrigerate or freeze meat, fish and poultry immediately. Freezers should be 0° F.
  • Refrigerate dairy products immediately. Refrigerator temperature should be below 41° F.
  • Use a refrigerator/freezer thermometers to assure your refrigerator and freezer are at the correct temperature and regularly check the temperatures.
  • Store meat, fish and poultry in plastic bags or on a plate, and place on lowest shelf of refrigerator to prevent raw juices from dripping onto other foods.
  • Wash hands with soap and water for 15 seconds before and after handling raw meat, poultry or seafood products.
  • Store canned goods in a cool, clean, dry place. Put recent purchases in back of older items.
  • Store fresh produce appropriately. Most should be refrigerated and not washed until time to use. Washing with running water is sufficient.
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