Lesson 2a - Purchasing

Buy cold food last ... Get it home fast!Shopping bag


When buying food at the grocery store remember to:

  • Purchase meat, poultry and dairy products last.
  • Keep packages of raw meat and poultry separate from other foods, especially produce items.
  • Use plastic bags to enclose individual packages of raw meat and poultry. Grab a few extra while in the produce section and put these on the bottom of the cart.
  • Make sure meat, poultry and dairy products are refrigerated as soon as possible after purchase. The grocery store should be your last errand when shopping.
  • Place refrigerated foods in a cooler, especially in hot weather, for the trip home.
  • Purchase canned goods that are free of dents, cracks or bulging lids.
  • Check that all food packages are intact - no broken seams or tears.
  • Select produce that is fresh! Watch for signs of aging and decay, such as mold or brown leaves and stems. Look for glossy skin and green leaves.
  • Select food packages with longest period of time until expiration.
  • If using reusable grocery bags, regularly wash them on a gentle cycle. Avoid storing reusable bags in the car or truck in warm weather because high temperatures can promote growth of harmful bacteria.
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