Flooding and NFIP Videos

Video 08: An Introduction to Floodplain Maps: Understanding Floodplain Maps and Flood Risk

This video explains the terms most critical for understanding concepts of flood risk, and the limitations of the ability of flood studies and floodplain maps to express the real risks faced by property owners.

Video 09: Floodplain Maps: Understanding the Features of a Floodplain Map

This video provides a brief history of the flood mapping process, and an overview of the makeup and features of a floodplain map.


Video 10: Floodplain Maps: Understanding Flood Zones

This video explains the flood zones commonly found on the FIRMs.

Video 11: Changing Floodplain Maps: Letters of Map Changes

This video reviews the three most common procedures for requesting changes to FIRMs, and the documentation generally needed to request such changes.

Video 12: Floodplain Maps: Accessing Maps, Creating FIRMettes

This video introduces the many options available for accessing flood maps from both public and private sources, explains what FIRMettes are, and demonstrates how to create them from the FEMA website.