Workin’ Hard in Region 5!

Workin’ Hard in Region 5.

Joi is here to fill you in on some of the events so far!

Summer camps are in full swing. It has been really exciting (and exhausting) to help out with Clover Kids camp at both the Woodbury office and the Plymouth office. Each camp brings a new set of kids who are all eager to learn about healthy living, get messy in the garden, and do some hands-on cooking in the kitchen.

We were able to harvest, prepare, and taste some kohlrabi! It was the children’s first time (and my first time!) trying this interesting vegetable. We sliced it up raw and allowed the children to taste the crunchy and slightly spicy kohlrabi. Since we have a lot growing here in the garden at the Woodbury office and plenty more children’s events coming up, we’re hoping to find some new recipes to incorporate kohlrabi into the snacks for more children to try.

Intern Joi is holding a kohlrabi

Be sure to check out what we’re preparing on Saturday, June 23rd at the Sioux City Farmers’ Market!