Region 5 Rising Star InternToday is the day. Today is the day. TODAY IS THE DAY! Today is the day that all of the Rising Star Interns will be giving their final reports and presentations. The presentations will be given to the deans of the College of Design and College of Human Sciences. Region 1, 5, and 7 interns have been spending the past few weeks putting together reports to present to the deans that talk about everything we have completed over the past 12 weeks of summer. It’s so weird to think that this is our last big group activity together. The Rising Star internship has been an experience of a lifetime and the best part about it, no two interns had the same experience. Isn’t that weird to think? This internship gave us all the opportunity to be creative and show our own talents in a variety of ways.




Region 1 Rising Star Intern

Carissa inspired children to eat healthy through her weekly food/nutrition classes.  Christel worked to improve sack lunch nutrition for working adults. Emily taught local vendors at farmer’s markets about the best way to market their business. Christian educated consumers about the benefits of buying local and promoted farmer’s markets. Mericia’s project focused on strengthening the relationships between local producers and food banks. Celeste focused on improving the elderly’s nutrition by educating them on local food resources. Cali was able to teach people how to cook with local foods using her video shorts. As for me (Jade), I was able to talk to producers and tell their stories using producer profile trifolds.



Region 7 Rising Star Interns

As you can see, not one person had the same experience which made this internship that much more special. Later today when we begin to give our presentations, our excitement for the internship will over power our nerves. By the end of our presentations, I believe the deans will have the same enthusiasm as we do for the internship. The Rising Star program has brought together eight Iowa State students from all different majors and backgrounds and has allowed us to experience a summer of a lifetime together. Thank you Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, College of Design, College of Human Sciences, and Region 1, 5, and 7 county councils for the opportunity this summer. I cannot wait to see where the Rising Star Internship program goes in the future. 


Good luck to everyone!