Spencer Riverfront Farmer's Market

Good afternoon, folks!

This is Ruby, and I'm excited to be blogging again. On Saturday morning, Leah, Madison, Mackenzie, and I manned the Extension booth at the Spencer Riverfront Farmer's Market. As kids and adults came through, we taught a short lesson on nutrition, highlighting six fruits and vegetables and that each benefit specific parts of our bodies. After kids listened to our spiel, we offered them each a sample cup so that they could try the foods they just learned about! A few of the boys that came by were enthralled by our lesson and even wanted to take notes! It was pretty rewarding to know that the kids were actually interested in learning about nutrition. At the end, we pulled names for a raffle! The prize was a healthy and homemade cookbook, filled with recipes that follow healthy guidelines and provide nutrition facts. It was a pretty successful morning! 


Rising Stars showing off the Healthy and Homemade cookbook

Leah showing off the Spend Smart Eat Smart App

One of the raffle winners with his cookbook