Shenanigans in Monona County

Monona County Fair

The last few weeks have been busy as Jade and I travel throughout our three counties and help them with various tasks that allow us the opportunity to spread information about our wonderful local foods/producers! The last few days have been spent on various tasks but specifically spending time with the clover kids and junior 4-Hers of Monona County!

We have had a blast getting to know these campers as they spend their day learning more about 4-H and a few other things along the way. Our sessions involved multiple different games made to mimic a board game that allowed the kids to answer questions about Rising Star Internslocal foods, fruits and vegetables, and other facts about the state of Iowa. Getting the answers right meant they got to move ahead a space or two and getting it wrong meant they may have to move back! The kids (and us) had so much fun learning more about the food that we eat and where it grows! We love getting to spread awareness of our producers and allowing people to learn more about these topics. 

P.S. Be on the lookout for my cooking videos that will be released here shortly! They will be found on the Rising Star Facebook page, twitter, and a link will also be provided here on the Flavors of Northwest Iowa website!