Sheldon and Rock Rapids: 2019 Power of Produce Recap

Power of Produce (PoP) Club is a farmers’ market incentive program designed to empower children to make healthful food choices. Each week, children ages 4 through 12 attend PoP Club to take part in educational activities, taste fresh produce and receive a $2 token to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables at the market.                   

We offered the program at two farmers’ markets - Rock Rapids and Sheldon - this summer.

Summer 2019 Stats

  • 131 Total Children from 67 Families
  • 92 Participants in Rock Rapids
  • 39 Participants in Sheldon
  • 9 Total Weeks at each Farmers’ Market
  • 377 Individual Program Visits
  • 39% of Participants Attended 3+ Times

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Key Findings

  • $636 reimbursed to local growers.
  • 80% of families reported attending the farmers’ market more often than normal.
  • 15% of families attended the farmers’ market for the first time this summer.
  • 67% of families reported spending either somewhat or much more money at the farmers’ market.
  • 67% of surveyed vendors reported an increase in sales.

PoP Club Sponsors

Sheldon Sanford Health, Rock Rapids Sanford Health and Rock Rapids Chamber of Commerce

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What Vendors are Saying

  • “[The] kids are willing to talk about the veggies and how they like to eat them.”
  • “The kids want to buy what they tried and the parents buy other things, too.”
  • “I think PoP Club brings them in. I only sell baked goods… but parents buy anyway.”

What Families are Saying

  • “My kids have become more involved in choosing and trying vegetables. They really looked forward to going to the farmers’ market each week.”
  • “The first week the kids tasted broccoli - they all loved it so much they used their tokens to buy broccoli and then ate all of it raw on the way home. I wish they did this in more towns.”

pop club

What the Kids are Saying

  • Favorite Part of PoP Club: Buying at the Market
  • Have you tried any new fruits or vegetables during PoP Club? Banana Peppers
  • Other Comments? Thanks for doing PoP Club!

--- Kellen, age 7

  • Favorite Part of PoP Club: Picking out a Vegetable
  • What is your favorite fruit or vegetable you’ve bought with your PoP tokens? Raspberries

--- Isaac, age 4

  • Favorite Part of PoP Club: New Foods to Try
  • Other Comments: It’s fun to try new produce and PoP gives you a chance to.

--- Lucia, age 9

Positive Impacts on Children’s Eating Behaviors After Participating in PoP*

  • 100% said…

… My children are interested in attending the farmers’ market more often.

… My children enjoy the farmers’ market more.

… My children interact with the farmers’ market vendors more often.

… My children are trying more fruits/vegetables at home.

  • 90% said…

… My children help choose the fruits/vegetables we buy at the farmers’ market more often.

  • 80% said…

… My children eat more fruits/vegetables at home.

  • 60% said…

… My children help prepare fruits/vegetables we buy at the farmers’ market more often.

… Our family has more fruits/vegetables in our home.

* Results based on our PoP Club Post Survey completed by 10 parents/guardians of PoP Club mem- bers from two market sites as part of ISU Extension and Outreach’s PoP Club Evaluation.