Region 5 Biking to Success

Bike-N-Bite maps ready for pick up.       

Region 5 team waiting to sign up bikers                      Bike-N-Bite event bags


All summer long we have been planning for our annual Siouxland Bike-N-Bite event. Participants were encouraged to visit all the stops for a “bite” or sample of a delicious treat from a local eatery. The event started at the Sioux City Farmers Market where participants could register at our booth and swing by the first six Bite locations. Then they continued on around downtown Siouxland to swing by the other stops. Some bite locations included well known favorites such as Palmer Candy Company and The Sugar Shack Bakery, while we also were able to feature some newcomers to the event like House of Cakes and Brightside Cafe & Deli.

Our final bite stop was at the Public Museum where we had Alex Erwin, singer for the local band GhostCat, play some covers and original tunes with Wheelhouse Bar and Grill catering a light lunch.

The Rising Stars were there visiting all the bite stops to check in and see how things were going (and taste the bites), snap photos, and motivate all the bikers. We also made an appearance at the Public Museum with our favorite blender bike whipping up some salsa for all the participants. This event took a lot of planning, but it was truly amazing seeing people enjoying the bites along the route and coming together at the final party for live music and even more good food.

A lot of people had never been to some of the eateries that were on the route and were excited to come back to the spots for more treats later on. We had over 90 people participate this year and I can’t wait to see how it is going to turn out in the future.  

-Joi Latson 

Region 5