Our Individual Projects

Cali Westergard (Region 5)

​My project idea for the summer is to focus on one local producer every couple weeks by using one of their products to create a video food short. Each video will consist of roughly a 1-minute video showing a simple recipe that can be made using an ingredient from the producer. The video will also come with a description that tells more about the producer, where they can be found, what they sell, and their background story as to how they got started in this business. I hope to help raise awareness of the producers in our area, how you can use their products, and the many benefits of buying local!

Jade Jensen (Region 5)

This summer I will be focusing my project on creating "Producer Profiles" to help promote more local producers in Woodbury, Manona, and Plymouth counties. I also plan on including easy to make recipes with the profiles to give consumers healthier recipes using the local producer’s products. I am excited to learn more about the producers of Region 5 and cannot wait to help share their stories and products with the consumers of Sioux City. 

Christel Gustafson (Region 1)

My project idea focusses on sack lunch nutrition and how to improve it. My goal is to improve community member’s understanding of a balanced meal and have them be able to apply this knowledge when they are making decisions about their lunch. I want to survey a diverse group of people to get an accurate depiction of the communities needs. After getting an idea of what sack lunches look like, I would create recommendations for how to improve existing lunches. I expect a couple recommendations will have to do with making switches in types of foods within the lunches as well as how to prepare and package foods to keep them fresh. I am excited to get the survey results and see what the community needs. 

Carissa Brown (Region 1)

​My project idea for the summer is to provide an education program for kids on nutrition and healthy foods.  As a future dietitian, I want to work with kids educating them on healthy eating habits.  For this summer I plan on preparing a 1-2 hour workshop to be given in each of the 6 counties of Region 1.  This workshop will include an introduction to healthy foods and their importance, a fun game or activity, and an opportunity to taste and eat the fruits and vegetables that were talked about.  My hope is that the kids will become excited about eating fruits and vegetables at home.

Emily Dornath (Region 1)

My project is going to be focused on creating a handbook for producers and vendors at farmers markets.  The handbook is going to consist of best practices for marketing a producer’s product and tips on how to set up their stand at the market.  I will be surveying multiple producers to see what their challenges are and what help they need to market their product.  In addition to this, I will also be surveying consumers at farmers markets to see what they are looking for when they purchase product at the market. I also want to see how well the consumers know their local producers.  My goal by the end of the summer is to have a finished handbook that can be used following the time of this internship. ​