Master Gardener Moments: International Master Gardener Conference by Marcia Simon ('11)

International Master Gardener Conference! 

One of the most exciting learning opportunities for Master Gardeners! These conferences are held every two years by sponsoring state Master Gardeners all over the country. They include tons of classes on every type of topic – garden design, trees, perennials, water features, vegetables, pests, and much more. (Continuing Ed hours!)

My favorite part - tours of some of the most famous gardens in the region.  I have now attended three conferences (IA/NE – 2015, Portland – 2017, and PA - 2019). Each offered amazing classes and tours; and I have been able to visit some of the most famous gardens in the US.

The next conference in 2021 will be Sept 12 – 17 in Norfolk, VA. They will soon have their website open with all the details, and the place where you register for classes, tours, and room at the conference hotel (highly recommended.) Just “Google” IMGC2021.

The conference in 2023 will be closer to home in Overland Park, KS.

A final piece of advice, if you are interested, decide and register early…like right when registration opens. The best tours and keynote speaker classes fill up early as do the rooms in the conference hotel.

Marsha Simons
Woodbury County Master Gardeners