Master Gardener Moments: Cooperative Learning Gardens 2019 by Marion Cain ('06)

garden starting

2019 was the 5th year of the cooperative learning gardens in South Sioux City. We started with indoor seeding of Swiss chard, onions and leeks in January and February.

seed prep

The onion seedling trimmings every few weeks become the first harvest and are great green onions to use in cooking.


Planted into the garden in mid April the onions and leeks are quick to grow in the cool moist spring weather along with cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi 570 pounds of onions and 120 pounds of leeks were harvested.



A total of 12,500 pounds were grown in the cooperative gardens this season.

garden growing

If you would like to learn more or participate contact Marion Cain, Master Gardener Class of 2006, via email at or cell# 712-389-2478.