Jammin’ with 4-H!

Finished product!

The Rising Stars assisted Woodbury county staff with a camp where 4-H participants could make and can their own jam.

Renee Sweers (Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness) taught the participants the essentials of safe canning practices and all the food safety requirements for canned fair entries. Since this was a lot of the participants first times canning, it was new information for them, but they seemed eager to learn it!

Lujean Faber (Enhanced Youth Development Educator) helped Renee guide the participants during the lab portion of the camp. During the lab portion of the camp, participants got to make jam from start to finish. They started with fresh strawberries and ended with delicious canned jam! The following day, they could pick up their two jams and take them to the fair if they wanted to.

Renee and Lujean instructing campers.

The Rising Stars got to make some jam as well. I was the only one that had been exposed to canning before the camp because my mom cans many items. I never had to do much during the process because I wasn’t that interested as a teenager and was too cool for most things. Now that I’m older I am interested in learning how to can and this camp was a great first step! Although, canning isn’t difficult, it is an intimidating task and many things can potentially go wrong. Now that I have some experience and knowledge from this camp, I feel more confident in my abilities to can foods! So get ready mom, you’ll have to spend a lot of time with your favorite child teaching me everything you know about canning!

Rising Stars making their jam.  The Rising Stars canning their jam.

-Rebecca Wallace

Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies