Fun with Food Tasting #2!

Christel and Carissa serving up Crunch Cabbage Salad Emily next to survey boards to get opinions of consumers
Christel and Carissa ready to serve up a delicious sample of Crunch Cabbage Salad.  Photo by Emily Emily with her survey boards to learn the opinions of consumers for her individual project.  Photo by Carissa.

With Farmers' Markets now in full swing for the summer, Christel, Emily, and I have found ourselves traveling across Region 1 for some Fun with Food Tastings.  This past weekend we spent the morning at the Lakes Area Farmers Market in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

We had a great time serving up Colorful Cabbage Salad and promoting local foods.  We purchased all of the produced used for our salad at the market that morning.  This was the first market that we had served the salad at and it was a big hit!  Everyone enjoyed trying the salad and said it was a great new way to eat cabbage!

Emily also gained some information for her individual project.  She put up her two survey boards to ask consumers about what draws them to specific producers and what they look for.  She found out some great information and many of the producers at the market found the information to be interesting.  Emily will soon compile the information to be shared as a part of the end product of her project.

One of our favorite parts about this market was the people that we got to talk to.  The atmosphere at the Lakes Area Farmers' Market is great!  We enjoyed talking with consumers and producers throughout the morning.

Be on the look out for us at other farmers markets to see what we mix up next time!



Want to try Colorful Cabbage Salad?  Check out our recipe below!

Colorful Cabbage Salad Recipe Christel and Carissa chopping vegetables and mixing up the Colorful Cabbage Salad