Food Demos and Food Giveaways

Food Demo setup Kohlrabi Food Demo and giveaway

This week you will be hearing from me, Lauren the Region 5 intern.  This week Hannah and I did a number of food demos in various locations throughout Northwest Iowa.  On Wednesday, June 17th we traveled to Le Mars and worked on our first food demo of the week there at the WIC clinic.  We prepared a hummus that was a very simple and easy recipe that we took from the Spend Smart. Eat Smart. website. We also went and bought a variety of different vegetables from the Sioux City Farmers’ Market that same day.  We bought green peppers, purple peppers, broccoli and kohlrabi. 

One of the most successful food demos we have encountered so far was located at the food giveaway in Mapleton, IA later that day.  A food giveaway is similar to a food pantry, where food is given to people that cannot afford to buy food on their own.  There we prepared the same hummus recipe.  The recipe was definitely popular and everyone was very impressed with the huge kohlrabi that we used for a visual aid.  Both Hannah and I enjoyed our first food demo at a food giveaway because we were welcomed by the friendly people there and will hopefully be going there again next month!


After School Humus Recipe Food Demo and giveaway